Residential Services


Warmth for every room in your home with a system designed for your individual needs.

Gas Furnaces: The ultimate in comfort and efficiency. Available in natural gas and propane with combustion efficiencies up to 98% AFUE.

Oil Furnaces: Fuel oil provides an ideal heating source for homes with little insulation where a large quantity of heat is required and a chimney is available.

Gas Boilers: Natural gas and propane boilers provide excellent comfort and installation flexibility and can even heat your domestic hot water at efficiencies up to 98% AFUE.

Oil Boilers: Fuel oil provides an ideal heating source for homes with little insulation where a large quantity of heat is required and a chimney is available.

Duct Free Split Systems: Provides extremely efficient heat to areas without ducting or supplements difficult to heat areas.

Radiant Floor Heating

If you are looking for the highest level of winter comfort, this system utilizes a series of tubes below the flooring to provide the ultimate in comfort.


Keep the summer heat out and the sweltering humidity away with a system designed specifically for your home.

Air Conditioners: A central cooling system provides maximum comfort and improves your indoor environment.

Duct Free Split Systems:Provides extremely efficient cooling to areas without ducting. Can be used for a single room or for every room in your home.

Heating and Cooling

Systems that give you the best of both worlds and are able to cool and heat your environment. Cycling the air to achieve just the right temperature. Find the right solution for your home with these systems.

Heat Pumps: Efficiently pump warmth through the house in the winter and remove the heat from your home in the summer.

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Pumps the summer heat from your home into the ground to be stored for winter, and pumps that stored warmth from the earth to heat your home in the winter. An incredibly energy efficient option.

Evaporator Coils: Part of a Split System these coils quietly support a heat pump or air conditioner.

Fan Coils: The heart of the air distribution system that transfers heating and cooling through the ductwork and into the rooms of your home.

Duct Free Split Systems: Provides extremely efficient heating and cooling to areas without ducting. Can be used for a single room or for every room in your home.

Hybrid Systems: Utilizes a high efficient heat pump and a gas or oil furnace to provide energy efficient comfort in the coldest weather and cools just as efficiently in the summer months.

Air Quality Solutions

Home pollutants are a big problem to those with allergies or sensitivities. Mold or mildew, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites are just a few. Solving your home’s air problems through air quality solutions means a healthy home.

Dehumidification: Pulls moisture from the air and redistributes dry air.

Humidification: Adds moisture to the air ideal for cooler, dry months.

Particulate Reduction: Filtering out particulates including pollen and dander from the air.

Ventilation: Bringing fresh air into the home while forcing stale air out.

Air Quality Testing: Expert testing to find an air solution to manage the indoor environment.


Manage home comfort through a new thermostat, now including Wi-Fi enabled models to control via smartphone.

Zoning: Provides independent temperature control for different areas of your home, creating unsurpassed comfort and energy savings


Generators: For unexpected power outages and prevention of home damage, available in stand-by and portable options.

Electric Panel Upgrades: Bringing the current panel up to date with codes, safety and technology.

Maintenance and Service

Ensure that your system works all year long with regular maintenance. Systems will last longer, produce better results and cost less to operate with regular cleaning and check-ups. We service and maintain all brands with our highly trained team of experts.

Maintenance: Helps to keep your heating and cooling systems operating at peak performance.

Preventative Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance for all brands to ensure constant quality.

Service: We make repairs to all brands and types of heating and cooling systems.

Emergency Service: Service in a pinch and when you need it most. We service all brands.

Water Heaters

Heating water for home and business applications using different types of fuel including gas, oil, and electricity.

Gas water heaters: Using natural gas or propane to heat water efficiently from a burner at the bottom of the tank.

Oil water heaters: Utilizes fuel oil for high efficient, high capacity hot water.

Indirect Fired Water Heaters: Pair a special water tank containing a heat exchanger with a boiler to heat water efficiently and in high quantity.

Electric Water Heaters: Heating water through electrical-resistance heating elements inside of the tank.

Tankless Water Heaters: Provides instantaneous hot water as needed rather than heating a large amount of water at once. Available in natural gas, propane and electric.

Water Softeners

Change your unsavory tap water into drinking water for the whole family through different water conditioning systems. Our specialist will even test your water for free!

Water Softeners and Conditioner: Removes the hardness from your water which protects your plumbing fixtures and water using appliances. Saves money by helping you to use less soap for showers, laundry and dishwashing.

Salt Free Water Conditioners: Same benefits as a regular salt type water softener but does not remove the essential minerals from your drinking water.

We Serve Lancaster, York and Lebanon County... and beyond!
We Serve Lancaster, York and Lebanon County... and beyond!