Improve Indoor Air with Lancaster Air Quality Solutions

Did you know that common activities like dusting your furniture or using spray fresheners can contribute to indoor air pollution? The fact is, you don’t have to smoke or have a pet to experience less-than-adequate indoor air quality. Even the cleanest of homes can have indoor air pollutants that negatively affect your health. As Lancaster indoor air conditioning experts, we have quality solutions that can easily improve indoor air, creating a more comfortable, healthier home.

In many cases, too little ventilation along with dirty, polluted air can leave you with indoor air quality problems. Luckily, a combination of enhanced ventilation and air cleaning solutions can significantly improve the quality of air in your home, leaving you healthier, happier and pollution free. Be sure to contact us with any questions you have about our air filters and air cleaners around the York, Harrisburg, or Lancaster area.

Air Quality and Your Health

Air quality is an important issue for many people simply because of the negative health effects associated with breathing dirty air. In many cases, indoor air that is contaminated can irritate your eyes, nose and throat or cause headaches and fatigue. Indoor air pollutants affect everyone differently, making it difficult to identify and eliminate the specific source.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Most people correctly identify indoor air pollution with tobacco smoke or pet dander, but there are also harmful chemicals and gases that are released from common household cleaners and spray fresheners. In addition, some building materials or insulation can be dangerous and outdoor sources like radon or pesticides can leave harmful residue behind. Check-out our detailed description of all the indoor air pollutants for more information.

Solutions for Air Quality Problems

While we can’t eliminate all of the potential sources of air pollution, we can take steps to clean indoor air and make it healthier and more comfortable to breathe in our homes with solutions like air filters and air cleaners in the Lancaster and York PA areas.


Once we have determined the source of your home’s high humidity level, we will be able to make recommendations to bring this property damaging health hazard under control. Our solutions can range from stand-alone dehumidifiers; properly sized cooling equipment; sealing of supply and return air ductwork; insulation enhancements; and air circulation to specific areas of the home. Our goal to provide a healthier environment by maintaining relative humidity levels between 30% and 50%. This will help eliminate mold and mildew growth, prevent wood rot, control odors and enhance overall comfort and indoor air quality.


Most home owners suffer the effects of low indoor humidity in the winter months, these include: Dry itchy skin; dry eyes; nose bleeds; cold and sinus issues; lack of comfort; static electric shock; damaged trim and woodwork; excessive dust. We can help reduce these issues with the installation of a whole house humidifier to automatically bring your home’s humidity to the perfect level. Our home comfort experts will evaluate your home to determine the appropriate type and size of humidifier to best suit your needs.

Particulate Reduction

The average person spends about 90% of their time indoors and inhales about eight thousand liters (or about 2,100 gallons) of air per day. At that rate, we breathe about seven million particles, twenty-eight million bacteria, and countless gas molecules every hour! Those particles, biologicals and gases can promote allergies, asthma, and more serious illness if not prevented, diluted or filtered.

At RSC Heating and Air Conditioning we offer air filtration units that remove up to 95% of the particulate 0.3 microns and larger. To give you some perspective as to the efficiency of our systems, the dust you can see floating in the air is larger than 10.0 microns.

Service for Air Quality Solutions

When you invest in your health through the purchase of indoor air quality solutions, the last thing you need is for them to become ineffective. There are a variety of recommended intervals of filter replacement, system cleaning and effectiveness testing to keep your systems at peak operating efficiency. We will educate you on the frequency of maintenance each device requires and provide you with service plans to have our NATE Certified Technicians replace filters with manufacturer’s specific products, replace cartridges, clean drain lines, check operation, and keep your investment in top working condition.

We offer air quality products from a variety of manufacturers including: Carrier, AprilAire, Honeywell, IQAir, Santa Fe, and Ultra Aire.

Repairing Air Quality Solutions

We find that the high quality products we recommend and install rarely break down or need repair if properly maintained. In the event that your indoor air quality product is not performing as it once did, it may indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Our NATE Certified Technicians are trained in the repair of all the products we recommend and in most cases we will have your problem solved the same day service is scheduled.

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We Serve Lancaster, York and Lebanon County... and beyond!
We Serve Lancaster, York and Lebanon County... and beyond!