What to Know When Choosing an HVAC System

When picking out a new HVAC system many tend to think that you get what you get, whatever each brand has is all they have. As you can easily get overwhelmed looking at all the options during the shopping process you may end up choosing the system that seems to work for others but forget to take your own preferences into account. The problem with this is that your home’s air system is not one size fits all.

HVAC systems are all about comfort and customization. Knowing the facts about your home and the right questions to ask will help make this process easier. Every brand and contractor is different but having a good basis of knowledge will give you the freedom to speak with your HVAC contractor and get their suggestions for your own customized comfort solution.

Know Your Home

Knowing your own home may seem like the simplest task but it involves more than you may think. If you don’t have a copy of your home’s floor plans, you should take measurements and record each room’s size as well as the ceiling height. Both of these are a major part in determining the heat loss and heat gain and choosing the type of system you need. If you guess on your square feet and end up with a system too small for your house, you will not be able to achieve the comfort you desire. If your system is too large for the house, then you will put more wear and tear on it and you won’t effectively remove the humidity from your home.

Knowing the insulation of your home is important as well. This is what keeps the climate of your home comfortable and creates a barrier between the indoors and outdoors. If your home is poorly insulated, then you may need a larger system to keep up with the loss. If your home is well insulated, then having the right sized system will be perfect for your home.

Know Your Preferences

Keeping you comfortable is the main priority of an HVAC system. Knowing your family’s personal preferences can play a large part in choosing your HVAC system. If you like your house to be 60 degrees no matter the season, then you’re going to need something a bit different than a family who enjoys 75 all year round. If different rooms of your house need to be warmer or cooler, then this should be a factor in the system you choose. Knowing how you like each room in your house will be helpful in deciding your next HVAC system.

Know About Warranties

Knowing the warranty of your last system as well as any external warranty you may have purchased is needed when moving forward with a new HVAC system. If you’ve purchased a home warranty that covers your HVAC system, then you’ll need to know the specifics of how to start that process. Looking into the warranties of the systems you’re considering is something we suggest. This way you’ll be prepared and know if you need external coverage.

By keeping these tips in mind you’ll be able to choose the right HVAC system in no time. Use these questions to help you find the right HVAC and empower you to openly discuss all your options with your contractor. At RSC we want all our customers to feel comfortable in their home with our customized approach.

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