Utility Rebates for Energy Star Natural Gas Utilities

Energy Star Rebates from Your Natural Gas Provider

Substantial rebates are now being offered in certain service areas for high efficiency gas furnaces and water heating systems. The systems that qualify for this rebate are Energy Star rated, natural gas fired heating systems and hot water heaters. Are you looking to install a high efficiency gas system? RSC can help.

What exactly does Energy Star rated mean?

Being an Energy Star rated or certified system, means the system meets very strict performance standards set by the EPA. Specific units with an Energy Star certification use less energy and as a result are less expensive to operate. Because they use less energy, fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted into our atmosphere.

How much is this rebate for?

Depending on the local provider, residential owners can earn back up to $1,800. The amount varies based on which system is being used.

How do I know if I qualify for this rebate?

If you have installed an Energy Star rated gas utility beginning January 1, 2017, you qualify. If you are unsure about qualifying for this rebate, give us a call! We can help you by checking with your local gas provider.

How can I get a high efficiency gas furnace?

If switching over to a high efficiency gas furnace is something that you have been meaning to do, now is the time. You can request a free estimate online today. We offer multiple brands of Energy Star rated systems that qualify for this specific rebate. Choose from any of our Energy Star rated gas fired heating systems and hot water heaters.

Installing a high efficiency, Energy Star rated gas system can really pay off. By switching over to an Energy Star rated water heater or furnace, you will save money in the long-run while keeping our planet in mind.

For additional details on RSC’s manufacturer’s rebate and gas utility rebate offerings, look to our special offers or feel free to call our office at 717-299-3914 to see if you qualify for more.

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