Thinking About Converting From Oil to Gas Heat? You’ve Come to the Right Place

With winter approaching, you’re probably already bracing yourself for another round of expensive heating bills. After all, the oil market is volatile, and over the past decade, its price has increased significantly.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA), the average homeowner was forking over $2,087 to heat his or her home in 2012. That’s quite a chunk of change, particularly in this economic climate.

Ready for some good news? By heating your home with natural gas instead of oil, you can comfortably enjoy the winter months while reducing your heating bill substantially.

According to the EIA, it cost 2012 homeowners $832 to heat that same-sized house using gas heat – more than 60 percent less. On top of that, since 2002, oil heat has cost homeowners between 30 to 50 percent more to heat their homes than natural gas each year. If you’re sick of oil controlling your budget, gas heat might be the way to go.

The Switch From Oil to Natural Gas

The cost of oil is expected to continue rising for the foreseeable future. By deciding to switch to natural gas heat, you’re protecting yourself from being bound to the prices of a commodity that’s primarily imported to the U.S.

In addition, natural gas is great for the planet. In fact, it’s the cleanest fossil fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other alternatives. It’s also extremely efficient. When you switch to natural gas, about 90 percent of the gas produced will be sent to you in the form of useable energy. In other words, when you choose natural gas, you’ll lessen your home’s impact on the environment.

Any Other Questions?

The decision to revamp your heating infrastructure isn’t one you should make lightly. If you have questions, that’s not a problem. At RSC Heating & Air Conditioning, we have 25 years of industry experience to help you make the best heating decision for your house.

As you consider whether converting your home from oil to natural gas heat is right for you, consult our knowledgeable professionals who will explain your options and work with you to find a heating solution. Contact us to learn more!

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