Attic Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having an attic based air conditioning unit is no home matter to be taken lightly. Attic based systems need to be kept up to date with maintenance at all times as a water leak could be damaging to your entire home. Attic systems are the neediest for maintenance and should be looked at every year by a trained professional. There are a variety of problems that can affect your attic system and by breaking them down we hope to help you avoid an air conditioning disaster.
Moldy AC Unit


Regardless of what air conditioning unit you have mold is always a problem for systems. Without proper care and sealing mold can get out of control and become excessive. There are a variety of reasons that mold can start to grow in your air conditioning unit including dust in the AC coil, clogged drain line, or even the location of your unit. Mold can grow quickly and without proper care can clog your system and may even cause you health problems. Once you realize you have a mold problem and give us a call one of our certified technicians will take care of your system. One of the first priorities will be to find the root of the problem and fix it. This will prevent and mold in the future and insure that our cleaning lasts.

Frozen Water

At the end of every fall season water can get stuck in the plumbing of your system. During the winter this water can freeze in the attic and cause the pipe to crack without you realizing it. Without proper maintenance and a yearly check-up before you turn your system on for the first time you can cause a lot of damage. By turning the system on before you realize there is a crack can flood your ceiling and cause damage in the rooms below. So every year before you use your attic system it’s best practice to have a trained professional take a look at all the pipes and determine the status of your HVAC.



Dust and insulation can be a huge problem for attic based systems. Typically, when an attic HVAC system is put in loose fill insulation is used as well to insulate the attic against the cold. The condenser on your system shoots out a breeze that over time can kick up enough fill to block the airflow in the condenser. Fibers can get into the system as well and cause problems in your vents adding to the dust in your home. As we all know attics can get rather dusty as they are typically not completely insulated. This dusty air can be sucked into the system and into your home without proper maintenance of your system. Switching out your filters when needed and having a professional check for leaks and problems once a year will keep your family breathing clean air.

Looking to upgrade your attic system? We suggest moving your air conditioning down from the attic as it will pose less of a threat to your home. The process is fairly routine and updating your current system is the perfect time to make the switch. Our professional team is here to help you with whatever your Lancaster home system needs.

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