Lancaster Water Treatment


Save the hassle and cost of purchasing bottled water each week and take your tap water to a whole new level!

Whether your family has been living with hard water for years or simply curious to know how to improve the quality, smell and taste of your water, rely on RSC and our water specialists to test your water for free.

After analyzing your water, we can properly recommend the best option to meet your needs.

The services provided by the professionals at RSC Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you keep drinking and consuming fresh water for years to come! We carry a variety of water treatment products including the PureH2O water treatment line.

Pure water treatment services can solve a number of problematic issues associated with water usage.


Pure Water Treatment Can Solve:

  • Hydrogen
  • Hardness
  • en Sulfide (rotten egg odor)
  • pH (acidic water)
  • Iron Staining
  • Spotting On Dishes
  • Nitrates
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine Taste/Odor
  • Lead

The Benefits of Softened Water:

Less Soap Usage: Save money and soap with a PureH2O water softener. Softened water reduces soap usage by up to two-thirds. With softened water, soaps and detergents can perform the way they are meant to. You will find that pure, less expensive soaps will be ideal. Without problem causing calcium and magnesium in your water you will notice more suds while using less soap.

Ease of Cleaning: PureH2O makes cleaning easier. Bathtubs, fixtures, shower curtains and doors will all stay cleaner, longer. Soap scum is virtually eliminated and chrome fixtures will stay sparkling clean, not to mention the elimination of spotting on dishes in the dishwasher.

Money Savings: Water Softeners pay for themselves over time. With the money you save in soaps, detergents, lotions, water heater energy, and other cleaning agents, you will find substantial savings.

Smoother Skin/Healthier Hair: With a PureH20 Water Softener, you can enjoy the benefits of smoother, softer skin and hair while bathing. Hard water and chemical filled soaps lead to dry, flakey skin and dull, brittle hair. Look forward to a silky, smooth feel while showering with water, softened by PureH20.

Softer, Cleaner Laundry: Clothing will last longer and feel better when washed in Pure H20 softened water. The absence of minerals in water allows laundry detergent to more thoroughly clean your clothes and keep colors truer, longer.

No More Scaling: Soft water can eliminate buildup of scale in your plumbing fixtures, dishwasher and hot water heater. This will prevent costly appliance replacements and plumbing repairs down the road.

Drinking Water: You can have great tasting, safe, and refreshing water right from your kitchen sink. PureH2O water systems can take your tap water to a whole new level with reverse osmosis or carbon filtration.

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