Lancaster Radiant Floor Heat

The most important part of a warm home is, well, warmth.

A warm and cozy home begins with radiant floor heating.  It is the most basic comfort of home.  With radiant floor heat, comfort is part of the design of your home.  Every inch of space feels warm and cozy, including cooler parts of the home such as bathroom tile.

The idea behind it is simple.radiant-heat-flooring

Hot air rises. That means it floats up to the ceiling, which isn’t where you are. You spend your time on the floor, or on furniture on top of the floor, so that’s where the warmth should be. Radiant systems circulate warm water beneath your floor, through flexible, durable plastic tubing called PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). This tubing is designed specifically not to leak and runs back and forth, wall to wall, bringing heat to every corner of every room. The PEX tubing is installed in continuous loops, so there are no connections under the floor. It also resists corrosion, and it’s incredibly tough.

Unlike forced air, radiant heat is distributed evenly throughout the house. There is no blast of hot air near registers and no cold spots elsewhere. Drafts are completely eliminated. Also eliminated are high energy bills! While fuel prices seem destined to skyrocket, radiant heat could save you up to 40% each month! Because it distributes heat evenly across each room, you don’t have to crank up the thermostat to reach the chilliest corners. It’s perfect for homes with vaulted ceilings or giant windows, which would otherwise waste heat.

Eliminating the need for heat vents and blowers, radiant floor heat is also very clean. It doesn’t disperse dust, allergens or pollutants through the air. With no motor or fan, it’s also pleasingly quiet in operation. An added bonus, with the touch of a keypad you can adjust temperatures in particular zones of the house, warmer in one bedroom than another, for example, or cooler in a seldom used playroom. With Radiant heat, you’ll be comfortable wherever you happen to be.

Radiant floor heating (around Lancaster) has a solution to meet your needs:

Radiant floor systems work great beneath all types of floors, including carpet, wood, tile, stone and concrete. In fact, systems can also be designed to melt snow from sidewalks and driveways. You can enjoy the comfort of radiant heat whether it’s new construction or a remodel.