Hybrid Heat Systems near Lancaster

Hybrid Heat Systems deliver peace of mind for homeowners concerned about the unpredictable nature of utility costs. By paring a heat pump with a gas or oil furnace, a hybrid system is born. This system maximizes the comfort and efficiency of a heat pump in the milder temperatures and automatically shifts to the furnace to maintain your comfort level and lower your overall utility costs.

How Hybrid Heating Systems Work

Combining a gas or oil furnace with an electric heat pump provides the comfort, economy, and flexibility needed during cold weather. During the deep winter months, a heat pump may struggle to keep up with the demands of a house. By supplementing some of the heat needed with a gas or oil system, the cost is lower to the customer because the systems are able to switch back and forth as outside temperatures change. This system eliminates the expensive electric resistant back up heater used in conventional heat pumps and replaces it with a low cost energy efficient alternative.

Putting in a New System

If you’re looking for a new heating system, then a hybrid system may be right for you. Winter can be cold in Eastern Pennsylvania and as efficient as a heat pump is, it’s not enough. Paring it with a gas or oil furnace means that you won’t have to rely on extra heating elements to keep your house toasty. The heat pump works in the summer as well providing cooling benefits for your home.

Modifying Current System

If you’re experiencing problems with your geothermal heat pump, such as surprisingly high energy costs in cold weather, a hybrid system may resolve this. The reduction in cost is enough to switch as the savings can be incredible over the short and long run.

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