Performance N Coil – Vertical

At RSC, we offer a vertical evaporator coil that is sure to improve your home’s cooling performance. With excellent energy efficiency, low noise, and outstanding durability, the Performance N Coil is the perfect solution for ideal home comfort. It’s the boost that your air conditioning system needs! If you are in the Lancaster area and are looking for evaporator coil installation, service or repair, stop by or give us a call today at: 717-299-3914!


Vertical N-Coil Design Improves Cooling Performance

Lancaster Evaporator Coil

Energy Efficiency

Quiet Level


  • 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered; 10-year parts limited warranty on optional tin plated coil; 5-year parts limited warranty on copper coil
  • Cased N Coil design
  • Exclusive ArmorCoat™ tin plated copper coils available
  • High tech fin technology
  • Painted cabinet
  • Puron refrigerant specific Thermostatic Expansion Valve metering device
  • Puron® refrigerant
  • Sloped drain pan
  • Upflow/downflow application

Carrier's Performance N Coil - Vertical Evaporator Coil boosts the power of your home air conditioning. Innovative features such as a sloped drain pan and ArmorCoat™ tin-plated copper coils provide Carrier durability and reliability.
Brand: Carrier
Manufacturer: Carrier
Model: CNPVP
Review: 4.2/5

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