Award-Winning Water Treatment in Lancaster, PA

There’s nothing worse than hard water in your home. Untreated residential water can cause a whole host of problems, from calcium buildup on your plumbing fixtures to limp, unhealthy looking hair and skin. If your bathing and drinking water leaves irons stains in your bathroom or has a foul smell, you may benefit from a treatment product from RSC Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been Lancaster’s water treatment experts for over 25 years; we can help you diagnose water problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

How Soft Water Improves Your Home Comfort

Water quality is an important part of home comfort. Soft water makes your laundry cleaner and your dishes spotless, and it removes the unpleasant taste from your drinking water. You’ll save money on soaps, detergents and bottled water. Your appliances will last longer, and you’ll be spending less on moisturizers and other skin care solutions. At RSC Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe soft water is as important a home comfort issue as temperature control or air quality. We carry a full line of products designed to treat water in Lancaster homes. Contact our team today to see which is right for you!

Water Treatment in Lancaster: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Lancaster residents know conserving water is an important part of environmental stewardship. A water softener reduces your water usage by making cleaning easier — no more washing your dishes twice to get rid of pesky streaks or water spots. A water softener pays for itself over time by improving the overall efficiency of your home’s plumbing system.

Trusted Expertise. Engineered Solutions. Unprecedented Service.

When it comes to water treatment, Lancaster residents have several options. As local leaders in innovative home comfort solutions, RSC Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full slate of products, including the PureH2O water treatment line that can correct a wide variety of water quality issues.

Best of all, we service what we sell. Our techs are available around the clock for any emergency issues that arise with your water treatment or plumbing system. We can also design a regular maintenance program that prevents problems before they happen. Contact RSC Heating & Air Conditioning today to bring reliably clean water to your home.