Home Comfort Solutions for Dry Skin


Does your skin get dry, itchy or cracked during the winter months? Colder air is drier than warm, which means unless you take steps to properly hydrate, your skin isn’t getting the moisture it’s used to. Tightly-sealed homes also trap in allergens and pollutants, so it’s clear why dry and itchy skin is a common complaint when temperatures drop.

Environment and Skin Health

Water is essential to the health of our skin — in fact, it’s estimated to make up more than 64% of the epidermis by weight. But other than drinking it when we’re thirsty, most of us don’t give too much thought to how we get and retain water.

When conditions are warm, a lot of our body’s moisture is absorbed through the air — this makes your skin very sensitive to seasonal changes in humidity. Additionally, because we tend to take longer, hotter showers in winter, this drying effect is compounded.

Protect Your Sinuses in the Winter

The effects of dry skin aren’t limited to just an uncomfortable itchy feeling. Dry air also dries out your nasal passages, making you more prone to nosebleeds, bacterial infections and the flu. Asthma sufferers will often find their symptoms become worse in the winter, as breathing passages narrow in cold air. When humidity in the home is not properly regulated, it promotes the growth of mold and the spread of other allergens, which can strongly affect people with sensitivities.

How a Carrier® Humidifier Can Help


This winter, save your skin with a Carrier humidifier. Carrier products are energy efficient, easy-to-maintain and work with your existing HVAC system to provide maximum comfort when the temperatures drop. By properly-managing humidity in your home, you’ll increase your perception of comfort, meaning you experience the same level of warmth at a lower thermostat setting.

For your skin, for your family, for your pets and your plants, a humidifier is an essential addition to your home heating system. As a six time Carrier President’s Award winner, RSC Heating & Air Conditioning can help you choose a humidifier that will improve your home’s air quality during the winter months.

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