Which filter is the best solution for your home?

Particulate reduction is the filtering of particles and pollutants usually found within the home. From pollen and animal dander to smoke and bacteria, all of these pesky pollutants can be eliminated from your home effectively with the use of a proper filter.

Filters are rated on a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ) scale ranging from 1 (the smallest amount of particle filtration) to 20 (the highest and most effective particle filtration). Depending on your particular indoor air quality needs, RSC Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine which filter will work best for you and your family.

Filter Options (with MERV ratings)

Standard (1”) washable filter – MERV 1-3 rating
Standard (1”) disposable filter – MERV 1-3 rating
Pleated (1”) Filter – MERV 4 rating

Media filters – MERV 8-11 rating

Electronic Filters – Electronic filters work much like a magnet. As the filter charges particles in the air, it uses a plate with an opposite charge to collect particles such as smoke and dust. To remain effective, electronic filters do require regular maintenance. – MERV 12 rating

Infinity Air Purifier – The Infinity Purifier is a hybrid between an electronic air cleaner (EAC) and traditional media filter. This product is as easy to maintain as a media filter but with the germicidal components of the electronic filters. The Infinity captures and kills organisms that other filters are not capable of. The media section of the filter should last between 8-12 months. – MERV15 rating

IQAir Perfect 16 filter – The Perfect 16 is the first in-duct air purification system to remove over 95% of micro-particles with virtually no reduction in airflow and without ozone generation. The filter is low maintenance, completely silent and a true energy saver. The Perfect 16 is a wonderful option for those with severe allergies and asthma problems. – MERV16 rating

HEPA Filter – A HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particles in the air and is commonly used in hospitals and laboratories. – MERV 17-20 rating

REME Purifier – Can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold in your home. REME’s do not need the pollutants to travel to the air handler for UV treatment or filtration. It is proactive and uses oxygen to aggressively seek out and destroy pollutants at the source – in the air and on surfaces before they can reach your family.
The RGF Phi Cell ( Air Purifier) is installed inside of the ventilation system of your home. The Phi Cell (short for Photohyrdoionization cell) uses light, water and oxygen to produce “Mother Nature’s friendly cleaners” – hydro-peroxides. These cleaners circulate through your conditioned air space and kill airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mold and odors before they can spread.