Introducing the Carrier Infinity Series 18VS Heat Pump

Setting a new standard for efficiency and quiet operation, the Carrier Infinity Series 18VS heat pump is an excellent choice for anyone considering an upgrade to their home HVAC system. Available from Lancaster’s RSC Heating & Air Conditioning, the 18VS is the smallest variable-speed heat pump on the market today, making it an unobtrusive addition to any home. Read on to discover more about the benefits of this revolutionary new appliance.

Heating and Cooling Your Home More Efficiently

The Carrier Infinity Series 18VS heat pump is built for year-round use, helping your existing HVAC appliances work more efficiently when heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer. The 18VS automatically adapts to your home comfort needs as they change over time, operating at up to 18 SEER when cooling and 11 HSPF when heating. This means you save money on a month-to-month basis through reduced utilities costs — without sacrificing your comfort.

Quiet Performance in a Compact Package

Not only is the 18VS a powerful, efficient performer, its whisper-quiet operation allows it to run virtually unnoticed in the background. The 18VS’s five-stage variable speed technology operates at sound levels as low as 55 dB, just below the sound of a normal conversation. The unit is also 132 lbs lighter than comparable two-stage heat pumps, and it has a smaller footprint — even in homes where yard space is at a premium, the 18VS can be installed.

Part of the Carrier Infinity System

While the Carrier Infinity Series 18VS can work with almost any HVAC appliance, it is most effective when paired with other products from the Infinity product line. The newly released 19VS air conditioner, also available from RSC Heating & Air Conditioning, is an ideal partner.

The two units offer an unbeatable combination of capacity range and high efficiency performance. Add an Infinity Touch system to control both units remotely from any computer, smartphone or tablet PC.

A six-time recipient of the Carrier President’s Award, RSC Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full selection of the company’s latest and most advanced products. Speak with a representative today for more information about the 18VS heat pump or any of the other sophisticated home comfort solutions from the Infinity product line.