Your Air Conditioning & the Start of Spring

With spring fast approaching, we enter a transition time for your heating and cooling system. The cool nights begin to give way to warmer days and we are happily given a preview of the summer days ahead.

During this welcomed change, many will begin to switch their thermostat from heating to cooling, but before you do, be cautioned! There are important steps that need to be taken first.

RSC Heating & Air Conditioning has been busy scheduling spring preventative maintenance inspections for our customers to help with the transition in seasons, but if you’ve not had the time to schedule and must turn on your cooling system before a technician has inspected it, please remember to do the following:

•    If your air conditioner has a cover to protect it from the rigors of winter, please make sure to remove it.
•    Visually check your system to see if there are any obstructions to the outdoor unit fan blade.
•    Check the circuit breaker to both the indoor and outdoor units and make sure they are in the ON position.
•    Is your air filter clean? If not, take a moment to either clean your existing filter or call RSC to purchase a new one.
•    Make sure all of your supply registers are open and that there are no covers over the outlet openings or inside the register face.
•    All returns should be open. Many of you may be unsure if the low returns or high returns should be open, but in this case, open all returns until you can contact RSC to give us more information about how your system is installed and where your equipment is located.
•    If you have access to your condensate drain line, check that there are no obstructions.
•    If your ductwork is in the attic and has not been used all winter, visually check the ductwork to ensure there are no open ducts or disconnected ducts.
•    When all of these steps have been taken, you may proceed by turning your thermostat over to the cooling mode and setting your desired temperature.

Please remember that following these steps is not a guarantee that your system will function properly or efficiently. We recommend that you have one of our trained professionals visit your home to thoroughly clean and service your system this spring. With this service comes the peace of mind that your system is prepared for the hot summer ahead.

While at your home, an RSC technician will discuss your current home comfort needs and evaluate the safety and efficiency of your system. Recommendations will be made, if necessary, to further improve your home comfort. Please be sure to make a list of any comfort issues that you are having and discuss them with your technician when they arrive.

For any questions on this blog or to schedule your spring maintenance, please feel free to call our office at 717-299-3914.

Warm Regards,

Steven D. Beeler, President


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