Invest in Carrier, Invest in America

Carrier and America

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner, which for the first time ever allowed people to control indoor air temperature. Over time, this invention has been modified and refined into what we now know as air conditioners or AC units. 13 years later, the Carrier brand was founded out of this monumental invention. As an authorized Carrier dealer, we are proud to have such a good relationship with a company that has built the air conditioning industry from the ground up. Since 1915, Carrier has grown into an international brand with a presence across 6 continents. With North America being one of those continents, the United States is proud to claim production of Carrier units in 4 of its states.

Ever since the dawn of the air conditioner, Carrier has made an exceptional name for themselves not only because of their product, but also because of their robust training programs. Here is where Carrier focuses on the staff of the businesses who provide their systems to ensure all customers receive top care and attention. This results in a very reliable and technically executed service. By joining the Carrier force, we have gained their terrific training programs and also have access to the best technical support system in the entire industry. We have truly benefitted from their training and support, resulting in us being able to fully assist any of your HVAC needs.

Carrier and Us

We have been a Carrier dealer serving Lancaster and surrounding counties since 1996 and take pride in them being our customer brand of choice. Customers have taken a liking to Carrier’s focus on innovation just like we have. Carrier has been a pioneer in changing the technology of a wide variety of products since day one and has been able to adapt to the constant change and different wants driven by the market. Carrier continues to exceed our expectations of innovation and adaptation to cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

If you are looking for a new HVAC system, we recommend Carrier for our clients. Our staff is ready to serve you with the best training and resources of the industry. We know that Carrier’s commitment to quality and our commitment to service will create the experience you are looking for when having your new unit installed. Above all, we want you to be comfortable, whether it’s in your home or office space, and to have an enjoyable experience with us and the brands that we carry.

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