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Comparing Côr and Nest Smart Thermostats

Please note: RSC Heating and Air Conditioning proudly services customers within the greater Lancaster, PA area only. This post is an informative guide to our product offerings.

Carrier’s new Côr thermostat is becoming a must when it comes to smart thermostats. The unit offers the ability to manage your home comfort from anywhere. Whether you’re at the office on Prince Street or venturing to Central Market you can manage your preferences on your phone. The smart thermostat is an incredible money saver for any Lancaster area resident

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

There are typically three types of thermostats you can find in homes today. Regular thermostats control the temperature through a few knobs and switches. Programmable thermostats are typically digital with the ability to automatically change temperatures at different times during the day. Finally, smart thermostats include these features and more with a fully digital display and the ability to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Local residents in the central PA area have the ability to control their home’s heating and cooling via an app or the digital display on their smart thermostat. This means you can turn down the air conditioning during the summer while enjoying your family fun day at Hershey’s Chocolate World. As a homeowner, you’ll also have the ability to see current projected energy use and be able to make adjustments based on new conditions in the air changes around your home. Using the smartphone app to schedule and adjust programs is one of the most popular features with our Lancaster customers. With this device you can ensure your home is comfortable right when you walk in the door. Just set-up your workweek schedule and if you’re running late, simply tell the thermostat through the app and it will delay the warming or cooling process.

Côr, a smart thermostat by Carrier

What Is the Côr™?


The Côr is Carrier’s smart thermostat. It can provide significant savings and improved control for all of our central PA residents. The Côr thermostat uses Carrier smart home technology to leverage a simple interface and extremely detailed reports to help you know how and why you’re saving money. From our experience it has been known to reduce home heating and air conditioning costs by an average of 20%.


nest-2Direct Comparison

When comparing Nest and Côr smart thermostats for central PA residents, you’ll find valuable features among both devices. While Nest is able to grab headlines because of its connection to Google, Carrier seems to provide additional savings and access to more information through its reporting feature. This is where the Carrier Côr shines. If you’re looking for a way to save during the next Pennsylvania winter this is the solution for you. Both smart thermostats include Wi-Fi capabilities for access through smartphone apps, seasonal adaptability to adjust heating and cooling to humidity, intelligent heating and cooling staging, vacation programming, and the ability to react to upcoming weather.

With the Côr, you can access its monthly reporting features through the company’s iPad app; making it the perfect smart thermostat for Lancaster area residents.

On the app you can find:

  • Monthly electricity usage
  • A minute-by-minute explanation of temperature, humidity, thermostat setting and HVAC cycles
  • Savings comparison reports when compared to a traditional thermostat
  • Month-by-month comparisons
  • Community comparisons that reveal your savings and energy use compared to nearby users


The Top Smart Thermostat for PA Families

For smart thermostat installation in Harrisburg, Lancaster, and the surrounding Pennsylvania area, RSC Heating & Air Conditioning is the only name you need. Proud to offer the Côr from Carrier, you can perfect the comfort of your home, save on your heating and cooling bills, and partner with a team that provides service and support whenever you need it.

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