RSC Has a Proven Track Record

The following case study was performed by RSC Heating & Air Conditioning in 2012. This study is one example of the success our customers have had with us.

Date:  December, 2011.

Location:  Lancaster, PA

Property:  1950’s Era Cape Cod with In-Law Addition, Total of 3,000 Square Feet.


Existing Heating/Cooling Equipmnt & Water Heater:

Oil fired forced air furnace rated at 82% AFUE.

Add-on Central Air Conditioner rated at 8.0 SEER.

50 gallon standard efficient electric water heater.


Annual Energy Costs:

Monthly Oil Budget – $200.00 with oil pricing at $3.39 per gallon.

Monthly Electric Budget – $346.00

Total Annual Budgeted Energy Costs – $6,552.00


Comfort Complaints:

The comfort issues were numerous as the homeowner complained that the only area to be remotely comfortable was the living room where the thermostat was located.  The second floor had a 10 degree temperature difference and the in-law quarters were so cold in the winter months that the rooms were virtually unusable without the use of electric cube heaters to supplement the space.

The space was very dry in the winter months which caused great discomfort including nose bleeds, cracked skin, sinus issues, and cracking hardwood floors.  The ambient indoor relative humidity was measured at 21%.

The homeowner suffers from asthma and severe allergies which are exacerbated in the indoor environment and there is also an infant in the home that could potentially suffer the same issues.  The particulate count was measured to average over 900,000 ppb, at .3 microns and larger.



The entire structure was analyzed and measured.  A heat loss/gain calculation was completed with a computerized version of Manual J, 7th edition.


Design Criteria:  Based Upon Harrisburg, PA weather data.

Winter Indoor Temperature at 72 Degrees when the outdoor Temperature is 10 degrees.

Summer Indoor Temperature at 73 Degrees when the outdoor Temperature is 95 degrees.


Total estimated Heat Loss (Winter) –             70,000 BTUH

Total estimated Heat Gain (Summer) –          37,000 BTUH



Because a natural gas service was being installed in the neighborhood, we recommended that a new high efficient, Carrier variable speed gas furnace be installed along with a 2-stage high efficient air conditioner; a 3-zone air distribution and Carrier Infinity control system; a whole house humidifier; a Carrier Infinity air purifier; Guardian Air REME air purifier; and a 50 gallon power vented natural gas water heater.


Gas Furnace:               Carrier model 59MN7080V17-14 rated at 97%+ AFUE

Air Conditioner:          Carrier model 24ANB736A003 rated at 16.0 SEER

Evaporator Coil:          Carrier model CNPVP3617ATA

Main Control:              Carrier Infinity System Interface model SYSTXCCUIZ01-V with smart recovery; true sense filter detection; humidity and dehumidification control; outdoor temperature sensor.

In-Law Suite Control: Carrier Smart Sensor model SYSTXCCSMS01.

Second Floor Control: Carrier Smart Sensor model SYSTXCCSMS01.

Humidifier:                 Carrier Flow Through, By-Pass humidifier model HUMCCLBP2417.

Air Purifier Filter:       Carrier Infinity Air Purifier model GAPAAXCC1625 rated at MERV-15.

Air Purifier:                 Guardian Air –REME, Advanced Oxidation system

Water Heater:              State Power Vent, Gas Water Heater model GS650YBVIT.



After 4-months of use, the homeowner can accurately maintain the desired heating temperature for each zone in the home:  First Floor of the original home; Second Floor of the original home; and In-Law Suite

The indoor relative humidity level has been stabilized at 40-45%.

The particulate count has been measured to average at 2,000 ppb. at .3 microns and larger, a more than 99% reduction of the measured particulate.

The water heater is providing ample domestic hot water for the family.

The average monthly gas bill has been $107.50

The average monthly electric bill has been $239.75

Net results:  estimated monthly savings of $200.00

Complete comfort and control over the temperatures within each zone, absolutely perfect humidification and improved indoor air quality with a noticeable change in the health of the occupants.